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Online Tray Shop

This service is ideal for smaller growers, city farms, smallholders and allotment associations.

You can order trays of plants to be delivered in the week you require them. You will receive a discount for multiple trays purchased on any one delivery week.

Order Now:

Wholesale (4,000+ per delivery)

Though we are well known for our organic plants, we grow conventional plants as well.
We produce up to 40 million plants a year including glasshouse crops (tomatoes, etc.), leeks, onions, celery, brassicas, salads and herbs. These can be blocks, modules, plugs or pots. We grow almost anything from seed.

The main part of our business is our wholesale side where you can order pallets of plants to be delivered on lorries throughout the year. All of our wholesale orders are grown to order and quoted on request.

The minimum order quantity for wholesale is 4,000 plants with a minimum of 1,000 plants per variety.

If you would like a quote for wholesale please send an email with your company details and what you would like to be quoted for to jordan@delfland.co.uk.