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Smaller quantities

Small quantities of other plug plants, including grafted tomato, cucumber, pepper and aubergine

Other plants are available:

artichoke, herbs, beans, beetroot, brassicas, celery, celeriac, chard, leaf beet, courgettes,
squashes, fennel, leeks, onions, shallots, oriental vegetables, peas, rhubarb, lettuces,
rocket, winter salads, sweetcorn, strawberries.

All these can be ordered from www.organicplants.co.uk.

Ordering options for small quantities

There are 6 ways to buy small quantities of plants from Delfland for postal delivery:
  1. Pick & Mix ~ single variety, 3 - 5 plants per pack
  2. Mini Packs ~ mixed varieties of single species (e.g. lettuce), 10 - 14 plants per pack.
  3. Collections ~ small numbers per pack, but contain additional varieties to those available above.
  4. Bumper packs ~ usually single variety 50 plants above
  5. Selection Packs ~ mixed varieties of single species; excellent value for larger gardens (50 - 70 plants).
  6. By the tray - from 90 to 137 plants per tray, single variety. Number of plants relating to the variety
To view our range either go to our Mail Order website (www.organicplants.co.uk) for the first 5 options or to Delfland'sTray shop for the last option.

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