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Tray shopDelfland's site with 3ha (7 acres) of glass
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Tray Shop taking orders

You can pre-order plants or buy front current stock (this can be dispatched during the next 7 days)

The pricing is simple, a single tray in any delivery period will cost £22, if you order more than one tray for a delivery peiod (that could be the same variety or different varieties), the trays will cost £16.00 each, some varieties will be more expensive..

Start Ordering now.

Any issues please call us at the office on 01354 740553 .

Current Stock at the Tray Shop

At the Delfland's Tray Shop, you can order your plants from stock trays which can be dispatch to you within next 7 days. Usually limited stock, order now and plant in the next 7 days.

Order plants from current stock

Welcome To Delfland's new website

What is new, easier access to the entire content, clearer and simpler layout. More information about ourselves and what we can offer you. We have developed a new tray shop for smaller growers, city farms, smallholders and allotment associations. And we keep on improving our mail order site

We are an organic and conventional plants producer for horticultural industry supplying growers, city farms, smallholders, allotment associations and gardeners alike. We have over 30 years in the plant raising and produce up to 40 million plants a year including glasshouse crops (tomatoes, etc.), leeks, onions, celery, brassicas, salads and herbs. These can be blocks, modules, plugs or pots. We grow almost anything from seed.

What makes us different?

In a word - service - from choice of variety through to delivery and after. We are an innovative company, constantly conducting trials on new techniques. We have grown some very unusual species over the years and have gathered a broad range of technical information and 'know-how'. We work closely with our customers, sometimes under strict confidentiality agreements.